Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen NowPaul Petersen is best known for his eight years playing Jeff Stone on “The Donna Reed Show” from 1958-1966. Prior to landing that role, he was a Mouseketeer on “The Micky Mouse Club” and, in 1957, won a role alongside Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Houseboat.”

After the success of “The Donna Reed Show,” Paul went on to do a string of movies and guest starred in several television shows. (Please click here for a complete list of Paul’s acting credits.) He then went back to college and obtained a degree in literature, which led to the publishing of 16 adventure novels.Jeff baseball 001

But Paul’s biggest success was yet to come – in the form of a leading advocate for children’s rights – when he launched A Minor Consideration (“AMC”). In 1990, following the suicide of former child star, Rusty Hamer, Paul founded his organization to improve working conditions for child actors and to assist in the transition between working as a child actor and adult life, whether in acting or in other professions. Today, there are more than 800 former child stars involved in AMC.