Lisa Hawkins

Lisa Hawkins has always had a fondness for gadgets and technical objects. As a child she preferred tape recorders and movie cameras to playing with dolls.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Lisa attended the University of Detroit majoring in Communications with a minor in Graphic Arts.

Upon graduation, she landed a job with a local television station in a suburb of Detroit and has worked there for over 34 years. She began her career as the station’s Scriptwriter, then moved on to become a Producer/Director. A decade later she was promoted to Senior Producer/Director and, finally, the Director of Multimedia Operations.

“My entire time there has been a rich, learning experience,” she stated. “I was able to satisfy my desire to work with the creative tools of video production while making a difference in the community with meaningful programming.”

In addition to her technical skills, the multi-talented Lisa is also a graphics artist. She has created flyers, brochures, promotional materials and tribute booklets for all of Nite of Dreams events. Her eye for color, design, and presentation, and her flair for making each piece uniquely her own – set her apart from any graphic designer in the business.

We’re proud to have her as part of the Nite of Dreams team!